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About Us

Home childcare, nanny shares, after school care… for all discerning parents.

 “Entrust us with your children: those you treasure, we assure absolute professionalism.”


Kangourou Kids: the benchmark for services to parents

Kangourou Kids is among the national network of childcare agencies exclusively dedicated to offering services to parents.

For us, caring for children is a true profession, which should not be diluted amongst  other services such as cleaning or gardening.  We only concentrate on the child’s needs education and development.


Those responsible for your children at the agency are professionals in early years education; their priorities are :

Your local Kangourou Kids Agency is comprised of professionals with experience in early childhood education or with significant prior experience with children. Our priority is to build and maintain a permanent, reassuring, trusting relationship with families in order to provide you with flexible and responsive answers in childcare.


Our principal missions:

  • To welcome you, listen to you, and to determine the best solution for your child in accordance to your individual situation and needs, to implement our proposal and to make sure that we follow-up.
  • To recruit, train and manage those who take care of your children. Our criteria ensure that those we select for our team not only are individuals who love children, but also individuals who have all the required qualifications.

We do background and reference checks on all our team members, and confirm their past educational and professional experiences. For example : where childcare services are needed for a child under 3 years old, a certificate or Diploma in early childcare is required when selecting the childcare provider.

Each worker signs a code of ethics agreement with the Agency which assures the well-being of your children. Our childcare methods are warm, and dedicated to providing a caring and positive atmosphere where fun activities and stimulating experiences actively support all areas of child development.


Kangourou Kids: how exactly does it work ?

Call or visit your local Kangourou Kids Agency during opening hours, or at any time by appointment. You inform us of your needs, your desires, your constraints and your current situation.

Whether the childcare desired is full time, part time, variable work schedule or after school care,  home childcare, nanny shares, tutoring services or any other needs in relation to childcare, Kangourou Kids adapts to your requirements and constraints, and facilitates a personalised solution for each family.

The Agency can provide an estimate of total cost, free of charge, and a complete welcome booklet giving details about all our services and commitments.


The family always has the last say about the child caregiver: if the first meeting between caregiver, parents and child is not successful, do not worry we have other child caregivers who could replace the pre-selected person.

The Service contract with Kangourou Agency includes all formalities and administrative regulations (paycheck, taxes, insurance etc.). The person in charge of your child is our employee.

Your Agency manager will keep regular contact with you.

Random inspections at home will be made while our caregiver is at work to ensure that you will be satisfied with the standard of care and so that the Agency may evolve with your needs.


Public financial aid

Approved by the state, Kangourou Kids will assist you and advise you about the available public financial aid.

  • Allocation PAJE (Prestation d’Accueil du Jeune Enfant) by la Caisse d’Allocation Familiale (CAF) whatever your incomes.
  • Income tax reduction by 50% on your expenses on childcare (tax certificate issued annually by Kangourou Kids). A tax allowance is also possible on certain conditions (CGI art. 199 and 200).
  • Prepaid CESU (Chèque Emploi Service Universel)for all workers who are eligible through their works council or for freelancers.

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